The Vine, Shavington

The Vine, Shavington and surround.

At the beginning of 2014 The Vine was sold, along with a large number of other pubs, to a development company. Its future was in doubt for while, but with a huge show of community spirit the new owners were shown that The Vine is a viable and active pub, worth keeping alive. Many thanks to all the customers who took part in the various activities during the period of uncertainty.

The rest of the page is kept here as a history of the events, along with a final letter received by Bill Cooper Letter to Bill Cooper - click to see it full size

The Vine is under threat from closure. The property has been sold by Marston's to NewRiver Retail. The future for the pub is uncertain and the regulars from the pub are campaigning to ensure that the property remains as a pub. Scroll down this page to read the continuing progress of the campaign.

To date we have begun by holding meetings at The Vine to collect ideas about what can be done to keep The Vine as our favourite local. Suggestions so far include:

  1. Petition Marston's and NewRiver Retail
  2. Fund a cooperative buy-out
  3. Prevent any planning application from passing by demonstrating how the pub is a vital asset to the community.

If you have other suggestions please contact us
If you can help in any way please contact us

So far, our local MP has been contacted and the response has been positive. Two letters have been received back from Edward Timpson MP

A letter in reply to Kim Maddocks from Edward Timpson: Letter to Kim Maddocks - click to see it full size

The letter mentioned in the reply to Kim Maddocks from Edward Timpson: Letter to David Lockhart - click to see it full size

Click on the images of the letters to display them full size.

6th April 2014
To show the support that The Vine has, a huge number of the regulars gathered on the pub's car park. Click on this small image to see a larger version.

8th April 2014
Kim Maddocks was able to report that although details are unclear, New River Retail have told Marstons that they no longer wish to develop The Vine. It is now back in the hands of Marstons who now wish to sign a further contract with Julie. The situation is in a better place than a few days ago. Keep your eye on the latest news.

14th May 2014
Landlady Julie Bailey reports:
It's good news for the vine, had a meeting with new river last night and they assured us that the vine is safe, there looking into taking some of the car park to put a store on but will consult with us as to what they are going to do. Thank you for all the help in supporting the vine as he knew all that we have been up to, the photo shoot,the picture in the paper and the letter off Edward timpson, people power. Will keep you posted on all that we find out. Thanks ju xx